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In only 10 days, Andrew Kelly crafted this beautiful sci-fi facility. Learn how he used a single trim sheet to create this entire scene. Sometimes the simplest approach is the most efficient.

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The Void demonstrates a masterful execution of artistic skills. Only his 2nd time using UE4, Jakob Keudel assembled a team to create this stunning environment inspired by Stalenhag. Dive deep into this breakdown to learn how it all came to life.

Mary-Sue Challinor created the appliance that is required to cook her favorite dish; lasagna! This breakdown pinpoints her workflow techniques from start to finish and outlines some important steps that all artists should follow. Read now to see how the old rusty stove was bought to life.

Stylized specialist Alessandra Astrino, was awarded 3rd place in the Artstation Challenge. We get an exclusive look at how she created her props, more specifically the Green Axe. Read now to see how she hand crafts stylized assets.

In this exclusive format, Alex Beddows has created a video tutorial accompanied by a full article breakdown. Whichever your preferred method of learning is, we’ve got you covered. Dive in to see how Alex used Marvelous Designer to speed up his workflow process and created this Paul Pepera inspired material.

Get ready to enter the Slaughterhouse and explore this extensive breakdown by Jay Cummings. Jay talks about photogrammetry, lighting, materials, foliage, composition and more.


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